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Are you a busy executive who doesn't have time to submit proposals and search for consulting gigs?

Create a profile in just 10-15 minutes, showcase your expertise and pricing, and wait for invitations to lucrative projects. With our streamlined platform, your dream clients will be able to find you and offer high-paying gigs and retainers without the need for you to spend hours searching and submitting proposals. With our pre-screened and vetted consulting opportunities, you can trust that you'll only be connected with top-quality companies.

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Cherry-pick the most qualified consultant within minutes or post your job to attract nds of consultants.

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Your ConsultantsPerHour Team can provide you with the most qualified consultant for your project - Proven Expert with the hard and soft skills you need.

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Join a thriving community of experienced senior-level consultants and gain access to an extensive collection of resources and tools curated to help you grow your consultancy. Our community is designed to offer you support, mentorship, and networking opportunities to help you succeed in your consulting business.

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